Which lawn mower is good


Before the 19th century, people held scythes to cut gra […]

Before the 19th century, people held scythes to cut grass. This is laborious and requires many skills to shorten the grass. A British engineer named Thomas Praknet was the first to come up with a lawn mower. He patented the first lawn mower in 1805. It was a bulky machine with a circular blade and it did not work very well. When other inventors saw Placknett's machine, they thought they could do better. The most successful was Evan Buding. He was an engineer in a textile mill and got an idea about the mechanical structure of the lawn mower from a certain machine in the plant. The lawn mowers he made in 1830 are very similar to those used today. The large-scale courtyard with undulating terrain and surface obstacles poses a huge challenge to the performance of the engine. Vanguard engines are suitable for lawn tractors and can perform tasks such as raking, moving, towing, plowing, farming, and weeding. Basic data of Hangzhou Tongan Technology Lawn Mower: Lawn mower is a livestock machinery capable of cutting pasture or other crops that can be made into hay and laying it on the ground. There are two types of reciprocating mowers and rotary mowers. Reciprocating lawn mowers are used for production and are initially towed by animal power and driven by ground wheels. Tractor-driven mowers were developed after the 20th century, and tractor-mounted reciprocating mowers appeared in the 1930s. Relying on the relative shearing motion of the moving knife and the fixed knife on the cutter to cut pasture, which is characterized by neat stubble and less power required, but poor adaptability to the pasture and easy clogging, suitable for flat natural pasture and artificial pasture operations. Production and use of rotary mowers began in the mid-1970s. Rely on blades on high-speed rotating cutter heads to cut pastures. Its characteristics are stable work, strong adaptability to forages, and suitable for high-yield pastures; but the cutting is not neat, the heavy cutting is more, and the power required is larger. Hangzhou Tongan Technology Co., Ltd. series of lawn mowers all use cast aluminum chassis, durable and advanced design. Large tonnage die-casting machine is selected for die-casting under high specific pressure process parameters, with high density and high strength. Designed in accordance with the principles of fluid mechanics, the grass is smooth. Thickness and ribs have been added to the main stressed parts to ensure strength. The front axle is fixed as a pressure plate structure, which is more reliable. The grass-collecting bag is dust-proof, environmentally friendly, and easy to use. The grass-collecting bag is sturdy and durable, which can effectively prevent dust from flying. The grass-collecting bag is smooth, large, and beautiful in appearance. Humanized design, excellent material selection and three-second parking function, safe to use; the parking handle is flat, push forward and hold, and feel comfortable. The mower cutting height adjustment mechanism is of solid quality and reliable positioning. Lawn mower stamping parts are made of high-quality cold-rolled steel plate, with high strength, good quality, and smooth and beautiful surface