Why are civilian crawler vehicles not popular?


Since mid-to-late January 2018, large areas of the coun […]

Since mid-to-late January 2018, large areas of the country have generally experienced substantial snowfall. The heavy snow side allows people to appreciate the beautiful scenery and makes people feel the unique charm of nature. On the other hand, the thick snow squeezed on the road has increased the difficulty for people to travel, especially for car drivers, because vehicle accidents have increased significantly after the road has frozen. But even in this case, no civilian tracked vehicles have appeared. Why does this happen? This article will analyze this!

When it comes to tracked vehicles, people may not have much impression. But when it comes to vehicles that use tracks, the first thing people will think of is tanks and bulldozers. This type of tracked vehicle has a great improvement in off-road capability compared with ordinary vehicles, All-terrain utility Carrier and can travel freely in the snow. At the same time, crawler-type vehicles use crawlers instead of wheels to travel, which can reduce the damage to the ground and also reduce the pressure per unit area of ​​the machine and the ground. It can be used in various complex terrain. Especially in snowy weather, tracked vehicles can show its superiority. In addition to the above features, the tracked vehicle has another unique feature, that is, it has the ability to cross the polar regions and can easily pass through narrow mountains, rocks, woodlands and buildings.

However, it is very strange that although the performance of the crawler vehicles is very superior, there are no civilian crawler vehicles in the country when the snow is widespread. What is the reason? Mainly it will cause certain damage to the highway. In this regard, the "Highway Law" has clearly stipulated that iron-wheeled vehicles other than tracked vehicles will also cause certain damage to the highway. In addition, tracked vehicles also have a disadvantage: tracked vehicles are larger than ordinary vehicles, and once they are driven on the highway, other vehicles can hardly pass, which will inevitably cause traffic congestion.

Therefore, this is another important reason why crawler vehicles have not been transferred to civilian use. In addition to the above-mentioned reasons, there is another important reason why civilian crawler vehicles have not appeared, that is, crawler vehicles are also prone to failure. In general, if the tire is damaged, there is a spare tire that can be used; but if the tracked vehicle is damaged, it is difficult to have a spare track to replace it.

The difficulty of traveling on snowy days has always been a lingering nightmare for people, and it has caused people a lot of headaches. It is hoped that one day in the future, scientific researchers can develop a vehicle that can not only have the characteristics of a tracked vehicle, but also reduce damage to the road. At the same time, it will not cause traffic congestion and can facilitate people's travel.