Why is the ATV rental market so hot?


ATV rental market in scenic spots: From the recent hot […]

ATV rental market in scenic spots: From the recent hot phenomenon of the holiday tourism market robot tracks, it can reflect the strong demand for tourism from the side, but it also exposes the shortcomings of the current tourist market: 1. The limitations of scenic spots and scenic spots Second, the unity of tourism mode restricts the development of domestic tourism. With the continuous expansion of the scale of major scenic spots, various entertainment facilities have also been launched. ATV is one of them, and it is very popular. The favor of tourists.
BV206 Rubber track widely used in terrain loader
 As we all know, the ATV is a special vehicle designed for harsh environments and regions, with super-strong off-road and obstacle-overcoming ability. ATVs have always been export-oriented. More than 90% of all-terrain vehicles are exported abroad, accounting for more than 40% of global capacity. In the domestic market, with the increasing popularity of all-terrain vehicles, the competitive sports, fashion trends, lifestyles and cultural spirits they represent have also shown diversified and integrated development. Some leading ATV production and service brands, such as lion racing , Has been loved by countless riders.

The psychological experience of adventure, excitement and challenge brought by the ATV precisely caters to this development trend. my country's total population of nearly 1.4 billion means that the personal market has a large potential for growth. Under the trend of income growth and consumption upgrades, the potential market space such as beach bike rentals in scenic spots will become more reality.