Why the off-road ATV can adapt to more harsh terrain


Nowadays, many people are willing to experience the fee […]

Nowadays, many people are willing to experience the feeling of off-road, and there are many off-road vehicles. However, the feeling of using ATV to experience off-road and general off-road vehicles is different, because it has its own unique characteristics and performance.

First, more dexterous and lighter

Although off-road vehicles can also ride on various terrains, in comparison, the body of the ATV is lighter, and its weight is less than half of the ordinary car, but its power is very strong, because it has such excellent Power. Therefore, it can freely shuttle through tracked carrier various kinds of mud and sand, and it also has a strong control effect on soft soil, which can prevent vehicles from getting stuck. Therefore, the penetration on some bad road sections will be better than ordinary off-road A lot of cars are stronger, so many people will enjoy a moment. Therefore, the off-road experience of using ATVs and ordinary off-road vehicles are exactly the same.

Second, the design is more reasonable

In the design of the off-road vehicle, it has a larger approach angle and departure angle, which means that it can handle a variety of deeper mud pits and pools under the same tire size, which makes it more powerful off-road performance. And in the design process, it also has a vehicle size that adapts to various terrains than ordinary off-road vehicles, so it can effectively avoid tire sinking in some terrains, and it can also easily deal with various harsh terrains. It is actually targeted. Yes, it will give those who experience cross-country a better experience.

The reason why the ATV has become the king of off-road is that all its designs are reasonable and highly targeted, which allows it to adapt to more harsh terrain and produce different off-road experiences