You may not be familiar with the name of ATV, but you won't know about the ATV


You may not be familiar with the name of ATV, but you w […]

You may not be familiar with the name of ATV, but you won't know about the ATV. Yes, the ATV is the common name for ATV in China. The full name of ATV is All Terrain Vehicle (for all terrain vehicles) Translated is an all-terrain vehicle.
ATV vehicles are simple and practical, the engine is mostly V-type double-cylinder, and there are single-cylinder, in-line three-cylinder and other forms; the transmission system is more matched with CVT, and there are two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive optional, and some models are also equipped with limited-slip differential The suspension is mostly in the form of a front double A arm, which is very rough; the ATV is also equipped with a wide tire to increase the contact area with the ground, generate more friction and reduce the pressure of the vehicle on the ground, making it easy to drive. Beaches, riverbeds, forest roads, streams, and harsh desert terrain; their proximity, departure, and passing angles exceed most off-road vehicles. ATV has a variety of uses and is not limited by road conditions. It is widely used in North America and Western Europe and is increasing year by year. In addition, the ATV structure is very similar to a motorcycle, and many parts are common to motorcycles, so some people call it a four-wheeled motorcycle.

Depending on the size of the displacement combined with the external characteristics of the vehicle, the United States usually divides the ATV into:

Children's type (Youth), with a displacement of less than or equal to 125 ml, is mainly used by teenagers and children.

Utility (Utility), its shape is a bit like a jeep (called "Jeep type" in Taiwan), the biggest feature is the addition of front and rear shelves, with a variety of functions and practicality, can carry goods, farmland Farming, hunting.
Sport, the streamlined shape is very sporty, suitable for high speed, leap, stunts, etc. The models of foreign all-terrain vehicles are mainly based on this type.

Military type: refers to a vehicle that can travel on any terrain. The biggest feature is that it can walk freely on terrain that is difficult for ordinary vehicles to maneuver. According to the way of walking, ATVs are available in both wheeled and crawler styles.