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How to choose a lawn mower

The first step in choosing a lawn mower is to understand the characteristics of your lawn. The size of your lawn will affect your choice of engine horsepower, while the characteristics of your lawn terrain will determine how well your mower should perform.Generally speaking, a 3.5 to 5 horsepower engine is fully capable of weeding a small area of lawn. The engine suitable for this kind of lawn must have the characteristics of stable start and reliable performance. The hand push engine does not require much maintenance and is an engine suitable for weeding small areas. It starts smoothly and easily.

4-stroke All Terrain Tracked Transport Vehicle
4-stroke All Terrain Tracked Transport Vehicle
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For medium-sized lawns, a walk-behind mower with 5 to 6.5 horsepower or a ride-on mower with 8.5 to 12.5 horsepower is more suitable. Since the weeding area is directly proportional to the engine power, when you choose a lawn mower, please pay attention to the durability and working time of the engine. Large areas of lawn must be equipped with powerful engines (garden tractors with 20 to 25 horsepower). Using a less powerful lawn mower to tidy a large area of lawn will not only cause damage to the equipment, but also reduce the service life of the equipment.

A lawn mower with a power of 22 horsepower can meet your needs. For simple lawns with gentle slopes and few corners, a basic walk-behind mower is recommended. One must-have feature of a great walk behind lawn mower is easy starting. For lawns with uneven ground and obstacles, the lawn mower is required to have better directional control performance. Self-propelled lawn mowers move easily, and small mount-type weed mowers are also easier to operate.

In this case, you can choose an I/C engine with a power of 12.5 to 17.5 hp for your ride-on lawn mower. This engine is not only powerful, but also saves fuel. In addition, it has the advantages of low operating temperature, which prolongs the service life of the engine. Large-area courtyards with undulating terrain and surface obstacles pose a great challenge to the performance of the engine. Lvyuan garden machinery is suitable for lawn tractors, which can undertake tasks such as raking, handling, traction, plowing, farming and weeding.

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