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8X8 Amphibious All Terrain Vehicles Manufacturers

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    Founded In 2005

    Located in Linhai Zhejiang and founded in 2005

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    20+ Production Line

    Our company has more than 20 production lines

Located in Linhai Zhejiang and founded in 2005, LIN HAI HAISDER MACHINERY CO.,LTD. is a professional China 8X8 all terrain vehicles manufacturers and custom 8X8 Amphibious Vehicles suppliers. Currently we own two models: tracked utility terrain vehicle and 8X8 amphibious all terrain vehicle, products are mainly used in border patrols, forest fire fighting, flood fighting and disaster relief, emergency rescue, agriculture, tourism and many other fields. Besides, customized and modular production services are available. The main products are wholesale 8X8 all terrain vehicles, all kinds of lawn mowers, agricultural machinery series transport vehicles and related rubber track series. Products are suitable for variety of complex terrains such as grass ponds, swamps, hills, deserts, snowy roads and mountains due to the convenient and flexible operation , fast maneuvering speed, and strong off-road ability. Welcome to contact us a grand occasion!

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8X8 Amphibious All Terrain Vehicles

Industry knowledge development

It can run at a high speed of 50km/h, and stat up in ultra environment with differentail temperature ±45℃ celsius degree and remain running for a long time.
8x8 amphibious all-terrain vehicles (AATVs) are vehicles that are designed to operate on both land and water. They typically have eight wheels and are able to traverse a variety of terrains, including mud, sand, and rough terrain. Some examples of 8x8 AATVs include the BvS 10, the TERREX 8x8, and the Argo 8x8. These vehicles are commonly used by military and emergency services for transportation and rescue operations in difficult-to-reach areas.

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