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4-stroke All Terrain Tracked Transport Vehicle

4-stroke All Terrain Tracked Transport Vehicle
8x8 Amphibious All-Terrain Vehicle adapts 8x8 all-wheel drive, differential speed for braking and turing, continuously variable transmission, wholly sealed vehicle body and aquatic propeller-driver. It is able to climb the slope of 45°, rotate for semicirce. It can run at a high speed of 50km/h, and stat up in ultra environment with differentail temperature ±45℃ celsius degree and remain running for a long time. Additionally, it can also keep running fast over such earth's surfaces. Based on this vehicle, a new design for fire fight is came out wich called 8X8 Amphibious Fire Truck.
  • parameter
  • description
  • Size 3100*1500*1150mm
    Wheel Base 675mm+675mm+675mm
    Curb weight 800kg
    Rated Load on land:550kg or 6 people on water:400kg or 4 people
     Top Speed on land:50km/h on water:12km/h
    engine type  V-twin,4-stroke,liquid-cooled
    displacement 1000cc
    Transmission CVT
    Gear selection H L N P R
    final drive shaft
    Tyre specification 25X11.5-9NHS
    tyre pressure 5-7psi(34.5-48.3kPa)
    Maximum climbing angle 30°
    Minimum Turning Radius 0.71m
    Approach Angle 54 º
    Departure Angle 57°
    Rated Power and Turning Speed 62kW(6000r/min)
    Max. Torque and Turning Speed 101N·m(5000r/min)

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