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How to use and maintain rubber track

The rubber crawler is composed of a certain number of metal cores and steel cords embedded in the rubber belt. It is a walking part of the crawler self-propelled machine, which makes the machine have stable walking, low vibration, low noise, large traction, no damage to the road surface, and grounding. Less than the pressure and so on. Proper use and maintenance of rubber tracks is the key to extending their service life.

First, the correct installation of rubber tracks

When installing the track, use the jack to jack up the machine frame, loosen the tensioning device, and insert the track into the running mechanism consisting of the driving wheel, the supporting wheel, the balance wheel, the supporting wheel, the guiding wheel, etc., and then tighten the track. When tightening the track, be sure to grasp the tightness of the track. The track is too tight, the machine power loss is large, the track is too loose, the machine will jump when the machine is walking, the steering is out of order, the track is easy to derail, and the machine is working normally. Therefore, you should carefully refer to the instruction manual for installation.

Second, the use of rubber tracks

The driver should take corresponding measures according to the ground conditions and operating conditions to prevent damage to the rubber track.

1. Try to take less roads. When transferring, it is more than 2 kilometers, and it is best to carry it in a professional vehicle. When transferring short distances, try to choose a flat mud surface or grass to avoid uneven objects. Because the inside of the rubber track is embedded with steel wire and steel blocks, walking on the road is inevitably pressed against some irregular hard objects (such as pebbles, etc.), causing the pressure on the local crawler to increase sharply. When the rubber of the rubber crawler and the steel wire or the steel block have a bonding strength less than the pressure, the rubber and the steel wire or the steel block are easily peeled off, and the rubber after the steel wire is peeled off is easily broken by the impact.

2. It is forbidden to make sharp turns on concrete floors, gravel roads or hard roads, otherwise it will cause the track core to wear, the belt body to twist, and the track to crack.

3. When crossing the field, you must advance at a low angle with Tian Hao. When crossing a field above 10 cm in height, you must use the pedal, otherwise the track will fall off and be damaged.

4. Less work in deep mud paddy fields. Because the mud is easily stained in the track, the straw is full of gaps in the track, which will cause the track to expand and deform and elongate, causing the track to slip and affect normal work. Once there is serious entanglement in the track, it should be eliminated in time. In addition, if the crawler is caught in the deep mud, the track will fall off due to the slack of the track during a sharp turn.

5. If stones or foreign objects enter the gap between the track and the chassis, stop the operation immediately and remove the stones or foreign objects.

Third, the maintenance of rubber tracks

1. Always check the tightness of the track. According to the instructions in the instructions, it is not too tight.

2. Remove mud, grass, stones and foreign objects from the track at any time.

3, do not make the oil contaminated track, especially when filling fuel or lubricating the drive chain with oil, the rubber track should be protected, such as covering the track with plastic cloth.

4. Ensure that all auxiliary parts between the tracks are working properly, and the worn parts should be replaced in time. This is the basic condition for the normal operation of the track.

5. When the crawler is stored for a long time, the mud debris should be washed away and dried, and the crawler should be stored overhead.

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