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How to Choose a Snowmobile Track

The width is the track size on the track.
Narrower tracks are lighter than wider tracks, but have better traction and flotation in soft and deep snow.
Drive pitch is the distance from one point on a track lug to the same point on the next lug. The most common spacings are 2.52'', 2.86'', 3''. The common phrase is "2.52 pitch," which means that the track lugs are spaced so that there is a distance of 2.52 inches from the common point of each lug to the common point of the next lug.
Lug height, measured from the top Rubber Tracks plane of the track to the top of the lug. Greater lug height will have better traction - just a quarter of an inch of extra height can make a big difference to acceleration and braking.
LENGTH is the orbital perimeter. Length = drive pitch x number of track segments. Shorter tracks have better handling properties than longer tracks, but longer tracks have better flotation.

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