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How to maintain the crawler used by the excavator

1. During transportation and storage, the Rubber Tracks should be kept clean, avoid direct sunlight, rain and snow, and prevent contact with acids, alkalis, oils, organic solvents and other substances, which may affect the quality of the rubber, and keep it away from the heating device for 1 meter.
2. During storage, the temperature in the warehouse should be kept between -15 and 40, and the relative humidity should be kept between 50-80%.
3. When storing, the rubber crawler must be placed in rolls and cannot be folded. It should be turned over once a quarter when placed.

Tracked Utility Terrain Vehicle
4. The running speed of the rubber crawler should not be greater than 5.0m/s. When conveying materials with large size and high wear, and when using a fixed plough discharge device, the low speed should be used as much as possible. Exceeding the specified speed will affect the use of the tape. life.
5. According to the design regulations of the conveyor, the relationship between the diameter of the conveyor drive roller and the cloth layer of the conveyor belt, the matching of the drive roller redirecting roller and the requirements for the idler groove angle should be reasonably selected.
6. In order to reduce the impact and wear of the material on the belt, the belt receiving section should shorten the distance between the rollers and take buffering measures. In order to prevent the tape from being scratched, the contact part between the scraper cleaning device and the unloading device and the tape should be a rubber plate with suitable hardness , do not use tape heads with cloth layers.
7. The following matters should be paid attention to when using the rubber track:
Avoid the roller being covered by the material, which will cause the rotation to be invalid, prevent the leakage material from being stuck between the roller and the belt, pay attention to the lubrication of the moving parts, but do not grease the conveyor belt, try to avoid starting with a load, and take measures in time when the belt deviates To be corrected, now the partial damage of the tape should be repaired in time to avoid expansion, avoid the tape being blocked by the frame, pillar or block material, and prevent the tape from breaking and tearing.

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