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Judge the technical status

For the newly purchased ATV, what users need most is how to judge whether its technical status is good.

Starting performance. After the new ATV is filled with gasoline and engine oil (referring to the two-stroke car, separate lubrication type) and the preparation work is ready, the starting method is correct. A good performance ATV should be able to be between -10 °C and +30 °C. Start at ambient temperature and start time is no more than 15 seconds. Otherwise, the starting performance is poor.

Running performance. After the engine is started, preheat it for 3 to 5 minutes. (The specific preheating time depends on the local ambient temperature: generally a little longer in winter and a little shorter in summer). The engine should be stable at idle speed, its speed should not be high or low, and the sound is soft and there is no obvious noise, which means that the engine idle condition is normal. At this point, the crankcase (ie gearbox) and the transmission parts should be listened to with a slight acoustic response, no noise, and the power transmission is correct and reliable. The operation should be smooth, no abnormal noise, good power performance, acceleration performance, normal fuel combustion, and no overheating of the engine. After parking, touch the right cover of the crankcase with your hand should not be too hot. The thermometer should be used to measure the oil temperature below 85 °C. After restarting, the engine should be idling smoothly, and only the monotonous sound of the mixture combustion explosion is allowed. After the throttle is added, the throttle handle is released and the engine must not be turned off.

Accelerate performance. In the case of a good condition of the vehicle, the ATV will start and accelerate on a flat road, and it should be ≤13 seconds through 200 mph. It can be said that the acceleration performance of the ATV is good. If the crankshaft speed increases, there is a pause or a slower speed increase, indicating that the engine has poor acceleration performance. You can also ride the ATV for road test. When the throttle is added, the speed of the car can increase sharply. The driver has a significant sense of back-up when sitting in the car. It shows that the engine has superior acceleration performance and the engine power is normal. If the throttle is increased, the speed of the vehicle can only be slowly increased, and even if it is a few hundred meters to improve significantly, it can be judged that the acceleration performance of the engine is poor.

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