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Use and maintenance of crawler tractors

Crawler tractors are also called "chain-track tractors" or "crawler tractors", which are a type of tractor. The walking device is composed of a guide wheel, a follower wheel, a supporting wheel, a driving wheel and a crawler. During operation, the driving wheel wraps around the crawler belt to cyclically move, and the supporting wheel rolls forward or backward on the track of the crawler belt. It has the advantages of low pressure per unit area of ​​the soil and good adhesion to the soil (not easy to slip). It has good passing performance in moist and soft soil, and high traction efficiency.
Use and maintenance of crawler tractors
1. In the use and maintenance of the track, the most important thing is to ensure that the pin rotates frequently in the pin hole. This work must be done strictly when using new crawlers. Before leaving the car every day, check whether the track pin is blocked by the soil and cannot rotate. If it is blocked, find a way to restore it to rotation. The second is to regularly check and correct the deformation of the track shoe to ensure that the pin holes are concentric and prevent the pins from eccentric wear. If a pin feels very difficult when pulled with a wrench, then the two front and rear track shoes connected by this pin are likely to be deformed. A special model ruler can also be used to detect whether the track shoe is deformed. The deformed ones should be corrected in time. The correction method is: support the sag of the deformed track shoe without heating, and directly use a sledgehammer to hammer the guide a few times to correct it.
2. When the wall thickness of the track pin hole is only 2~3mm, the outer diameter of the meshing part with the driving wheel reaches 33~34mm, and the runway is sag 4~5mm, it should be repaired before use. The ones that can be repaired should be repaired as much as possible, and there is no need to replace the whole set. The old and new crawlers should be used at intervals to make the pitch as even as possible. When it is found that the meshing part of the driving wheel and the track shoe is severely worn, under normal circumstances, the entire track shoe can be turned around, because the tractor has fewer chances to use it at reverse speed. When the track pin diameter is ground down to 18mm, new pins should be replaced to shorten the pitch by 4mm, which is good for prolonging the service life of the track. The repair of the track shoe is more troublesome, and the main problem after repair is that it is not wear-resistant. Therefore, in recent years, the severely worn track shoes have been repaired by replacement parts.
3. The gear should be selected reasonably according to the road conditions during driving, and the throttle should be used to control the speed at any time. High-speed driving, high-speed sharp turns and high-speed forced start are prohibited. Because of the high-speed crawler walking mechanism, its moving parts collide with each other under the action of huge impact load, causing premature wear of the moving mating surface. Excessive impact load will damage the suspension, twist the axle body, and crack the axle hole of the frame. When working in the field, avoid one side of it from being carried away in the moist ditch. In the field operation, try to avoid the partial traction of the unit to avoid unilateral wear of the walking mechanism.
4. Do a good job of adjusting the tension of the track to reduce the wear of the driving wheel and prevent the track from deviating. When adjusting, park the tractor on a flat hard ground, take a straight wooden strip and place it on the track pin at both ends of the track between the two supporting sprocket wheels, and measure the distance from the upper surface of the track pin at the point where the crawler sag is the largest to the lower plane of the wooden strip. distance. When the tightness is normal, the distance should be 30-50mm. If not, you can turn the adjusting nut of the tension bolt of the guide wheel, and adjust by changing the front and back position of the guide wheel. If the tension bolt has been adjusted to the end and the track is still too loose, a section of track shoe should be removed and then adjusted. After the tension is adjusted properly, the compression length of the cushion spring should be 260~265mm to ensure the normal cushioning effect, otherwise it should be readjusted to the standard.

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