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What are the advantages of the crawler cab

Easy to maintain and repair

The landing gear is designed for easy tracked carrier maintenance and long service life. All rollers and idlers are immersed in oil and sealed, and the bogie walking beam is supported by tapered rubber bearings, without lubrication or maintenance. The radiator and cooler are located above the ground away from the ground to protect them from dirt and other ground debris. In addition, the bottom of the machine is equipped with a bolted split abdomen guard to protect the hose and other key components from damage. The drive sprocket adopts a unique segmented design, which makes it easier to replace the sprocket. In addition, the maintenance room located behind the cab is conveniently located at the diesel fuel filler port, DEF filler port and the filter accessible to the ground wire.

Multi-function box or deck configuration
On the smaller TC7A, Bell provides a combination box that can be used as a bucket bed or a flatbed when the sides are folded up and the tailgate is removed. TC11A can be ordered in two different bed configurations, self-unloading bed or flat bed.

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