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What are the applications of rubber track chassis in agriculture

Rubber Tracked Chassis: Agricultural tracked carrier can adapt to rice fields, swamps, muddy field roads, rugged mountain roads, soft grasslands and sandy deserts, slippery ice and snow, and other complex and harsh road conditions. The application of crawler chassis in agriculture can be used for agriculture, forestry orchard transportation, freight yard loading, water conservancy construction, infrastructure projects and mining sites.

Performance characteristics of rubber track chassis:
1. It is suitable for transporting crops, orchards, grapes, gravel, sand, coal mines, iron ore, etc. in a narrow space.
2. In winter, transport vehicles can drive freely on muddy and icy roads.
3. Special transport vehicles for water conservancy projects, canal restoration, photovoltaic power plants and other projects.
4. Self-unloading planning, crawler walking, strong ground grip, meet the use of various special workplaces.
5. Customized according to customer requirements.
6. Strong bearing capacity, large climbing capacity, simple operation, easy operation and maintenance.

Application of rubber track chassis in agriculture:
1. Wide application range, simple structure, smooth transmission, labor-saving operation, and easy to complete automatic control. 2. Agricultural crawler transport vehicles are suitable for complex road conditions such as swamps, river beaches, sand deserts, paddy fields, tropical rain forests, ice and snow.
3. Single-cylinder power system, low fuel consumption, also can use two-cylinder, four-cylinder diesel engine.
4. Large traction, good climbing and grabbing performance, and strong transportation capacity.
5. The turning radius is small and flexible, especially suitable for narrow places, reducing the construction cost.

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