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What are the benefits of wide molded reinforced rubber tracks

The Hagglunds BV 206 All Terrain Vehicle is BV206 fitting parts superbly engineered, and not just for trekking snow covered conditions. Fording streams, crawling rock surfaces, swimming deep water, maneuvering mud and muck or post-disaster debris are no obstacle for this multipurpose vehicle. The unit is even fully amphibious without extra preparation. It’s operational in more diverse environments than any other tracked vehicle.Even at high speeds, the rubber tracks deliver a low vibration ride in the passenger cabin, especially on ice packed, frozen, asphalt or concrete roads. Simply put, the cabins are comfortable and quiet!They are more intuitive than other snowcats, and are simple to maintain!

The units were developed and tested to withstand harsh military and remote location specifications creating a reliable workhorse.The Hagglunds BV206 trim body, barely exceeding six feet wide and less than eight feet tall, along with its rubber tracks are gentle on tundra and soft dirt, thus minimizing the destruction of vegetation. The rubber tracks also allow the vehicle to travel on pavement without the typical wear and tear associated with steel tracks.Whether you are a utility, a corporation or a private company, the Hagglunds BV206 All Terrain Vehicle is excellent for transporting employees or cargo because of its two-ton load capacity up to 4,400 lbs.The six-passenger BV 206 Cargo model can transport bulky, heavy equipment over the toughest terrain.

The rear compartment can load up to three European-style wooden pallets.The Hagglunds BV 206 all terrain vehicle is the premier rescue & recovery vehicle. The vehicle can be stored at a fixed location and because of its high speeds, and ability to travel on impassable roads, the need for a highway trailer is unnecessary most of the time. For this reason, the vehicle can respond immediately from a fixed location. The BV206 is capable of transporting up to four patients on stretchers. It can also be equipped with state-of–the-art navigation equipment including: radar, thermal imaging, GPS positioning with satellite photo overlays, night vision, gyro stabilized optics, and much more to create a high tech emergency response vehicle!

If there’s a need to transport up to 17 passengers comfortably, on roadways or trail systems, the BV 206 all terrain vehicle is an excellent choice! The vehicles are routinely retrofitted with such comforts as: bucket seats, onboard DVD and plasma screen TV entertainment systems, high quality audio entertainment systems, refrigerators, microwave ovens, sleeping facilities, as well as other luxury options.

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