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What aspects of crawler drilling rig components are inspected

Due to the harsh working environment, the lawn mower walking system crawler drilling rig caused losses to some vulnerable parts of the engineering crawler drilling rig in daily drilling. If the dust and oil stains on the parts are not checked and cleaned in time, the service life of the drilling rig will be greatly reduced. Next, we will discuss the inspection of track bolt rig components at any time during daily use:

Tracked Utility Terrain Vehicle
Tracked Utility Terrain Vehicle
This utility terrain vehicle is a movable articulated double-carriage structure composed of two carriages which connected by a steering device.Each carriage consists of a chassis and a body.The chassis is composed of central beam, side drive and assembly mobile devices.Four independent assembly mobile devices are mutual substitution.The body is made of fire-resistant glass fiber reinforced plastic (GRP), with a double-layer structure.

(1) As far as wire ropes are concerned: reinforcement of wire rope ends and their selection, installation and lubrication. Also, it is necessary to check for defects.

(2) Crawler walking system: mainly includes the crawler, pile driver walking pipe, splint and hook pipe system, sleeper laying and so on.

(3) Pulley system: It mainly includes the status of the pulley body and the anti-skip rope device of the transition pulley.

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