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What is the difference between a tracked chassis and a wheeled chassis

Wheeled undercarriages are widely used, but their traction and adhesion properties are poor, limiting their use on slopes, sticky, wet and sandy soils. Although high-power wheeled tractors have the advantages of convenient wheelbase adjustment, long wheelbase, uniform mass distribution, shock absorption by pneumatic tires, good road profile, small vibration, fast transportation speed, and high comprehensive utilization rate, they are not suitable for low-humidity operations.

Tracked Utility Terrain Vehicle

This utility terrain vehicle is a movable articulated double-carriage structure composed of two carriages which connected by a steering device.Each carriage consists of a chassis and a body.The chassis is composed of central beam, side drive and assembly mobile devices.Four independent assembly mobile devices are mutual substitution.The body is made of fire-resistant glass fiber reinforced plastic (GRP), with a double-layer structure, which is not only sturdy and durable, lighter than the steel compartment, but also has the function of preventing rollover.The vehicle can be worked in Extremely low temperature environment, since there are ventilation devices and heat exchangers which keep the temperature inside the car higher than the outside, what's more, it can be a demister. It's an amphibious vehicle.

Moreover, the introduction of high-power wheeled tractors with advanced foreign technology has higher prices and maintenance costs. High-power wheeled tractors generally weigh between 5500-8500 kg, and the ground area is smaller than that of crawler tractors. Therefore, the ground pressure is large, the soil is easy to harden, which is not conducive to soil water storage and crop growth. Even after deep ploughing, the soil is still loose and small, and the microstructure of the soil will be damaged.

The tracked chassis is more suitable for mountainous landforms. Here is the rubber track, which is made of nano-composite rubber material and has high wear resistance. Due to the internal reinforcing frame of the belt, different internal skeletons such as high-strength diamond and steel castings will be used according to the structure of the crawler.

The tensile rubber track for Bandvagn 206 strength of Kevlar fiber is 3 times higher than that of steel wire of the same specification. Greatly improve the tensile strength of the track. The tracked chassis is suitable for special vehicles such as off-road vehicles, jeeps, pickup trucks, farmer UTVs, ATVs, agricultural tractors.

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