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What to pay attention to when using a rotary lawn mower

Rotary lawn mower, the cutting speed (circumferential speed of the root of the blade edge) of the blade on the high-speed rotating cutter head to cut grass is as high as 60-90 m/s. The work is stable, and the forward speed of the operation can reach more than 15 km/h. The choice of the blade of the lawn mower is very important, it means the quality of the lawn mower. Use a lawnmower for weeding, preferably when the grass grows to 10-13 centimeters. If the grass grows too high, it should be done in two steps. Cut the top part first, then cut off the part.

When using the lawn mower, you should hold the handle with both hands and keep a certain inclination to the side of the fruit tree, so that the cut weeds fall to the side of the fruit tree as much as possible. Open the accelerator at medium speed and move forward at a constant speed to save fuel consumption. When the resistance is too large or encounters obstacles, the blade swings back immediately to avoid damage. The blade can be used on the other side after the cutting edge is worn out. Changing blades is also easier than with reciprocating mowers.

On the rotary lawn mower, in addition to the safety device similar to that of the reciprocating lawn mower, a protective cover is added above the cutter to ensure personal safety. Rotary knife mowers rely on the high-speed rotation of the blade to cut grass. If the linear speed of the blade tip is not enough, the cutting effect is not good. Therefore, when mowing the grass, use a large throttle and a high speed. In addition, the carburetor and automatic speed control device of the lawn mower make the fuel consumption not high if there is no load when the throttle is large.

Only when Tracks for Lawn mower it is loaded, its speed will reach 2800r.p.m from 3400r.p.m with no load. Therefore, there is no need to use a small throttle to save fuel, and at the same time, the effect of mowing is not good. It is characterized by strong adaptability to pastures and is suitable for high-yield grasslands, but the cutting is not neat enough, there are many heavy cuttings, and the power required per unit of cutting width is large.

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