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Why choose a tracked chassis

The chassis can be divided into tracked chassis and wheeled chassis. Wheeled chassis is widely used, but its traction and adhesion properties are poor, and its application on slopes, viscous heavy, wet and sandy ground is limited to a certain extent. Although high-power wheeled robot tracks have the advantages of easy wheelbase adjustment, long wheelbase, uniform mass distribution, light vibration of pneumatic tires, good ground profiling when walking, small vibration, transport speed block, and high comprehensive utilization rate, they do not. Suitable for wet work.

Tracked Utility Terrain Vehicle
Tracked Utility Terrain Vehicle
The body is made of fire-resistant glass fiber reinforced plastic (GRP), with a double-layer structure, which is not only sturdy and durable, lighter than the steel compartment, but also has the function of preventing rollover.The vehicle can be worked in Extremely low temperature environment, since there are ventilation devices and heat exchangers which keep the temperature inside the car higher than the outside, what's more, it can be a demister. It's an amphibious vehicle. 

The weight of high-power wheeled tractors is usually 5500-8500kg, and the grounding area is larger than that of crawler tractors. Therefore, the ground pressure is large, the soil is easy to agglomerate, and it is not suitable for soil water storage and moisture preservation and crop habitation. Even after deep raking, small pieces of soil agglomerate and the microstructure of the soil is disrupted. The crawler chassis has good traction and adhesion performance, large traction per unit width, low ground contact ratio, strong long-distance performance, good stability, compact structure, and easy manual operation. The performance is obvious. The tracked chassis is more suitable for mountainous terrain.

The track chassis is divided into metal track chassis and rubber track chassis. Metal crawler tractors have large traction and are limited to ploughing, harrowing and other traction operations, but mainly drive on dry sand, such as road rollers, guide wheels, pulleys, track shoes, etc., commonly known as three wheels and one plate, and are damaged quickly. High maintenance costs and slow operation.

The rubber crawler tractor uses a differential steering mechanism controlled by the steering wheel, which has the characteristics of strong controllability, flexible maneuverability, labor-saving turning, large track stranded area, better vibration reduction effect, and spacious ride. Due to the high grounding rate and less damage to the ground, it is especially suitable for low wetland operations, which can greatly improve the operating speed and road connection adaptability. The rubber track has long service life, low cost and low transportation cost. It has shown strong advantages in the construction of wasteland, the reconstruction of low-yield fields and sandy soil.

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