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Track Tensioner

Track Tensioner
Item NO.: BV-TA-125
Desc.: Track Tensioner
OEM: 153 6107-801
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    Founded In 2005

    Located in Linhai Zhejiang and founded in 2005

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    20+ Production Line

    Our company has more than 20 production lines

LIN HAI HAISDER MACHINERY CO.,LTD. is a professional China custom Track Tensioner factory and OEM Track Tensioner company. Currently we own two models: tracked utility terrain vehicle and 8X8 amphibious all terrain vehicle, products are mainly used in border patrols, forest fire fighting, flood fighting and disaster relief, emergency rescue, agriculture, tourism and many other fields. Besides, customized and modular production services are available. Products are suitable for variety of complex terrains such as grass ponds, swamps, hills, deserts, snowy roads and mountains due to the convenient and flexible operation , fast maneuvering speed, and strong off-road ability. We have our own factory,we also have our own international sales department. we produce and sell all by ourselves.As the industry standard drafting committee, we've passed ISO9001 certification, and with strong technical strength, advanced manufacturing technology and production equipment and a complete and scientific quality management system, our products have been widely recognized.

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Resignation Statement

Dear Customer, We are sorry that we must announce Mr.Adrian Raymond Hockley will no longer be with Haishida Emergency Equipment (Zhejiang) Co.,Ltd as of April 2nd,2024.  We solemnl...

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